Nomzamo RAW Demonstration

I recently had the privilege of being invited to visually document a RAW Foods demonstration at Emfundisweni Pre Primary in Nomzano in the Western Cape – quite a special place run with an abundance of love and care. The kids were quite taken with the RAW juices they made and the accompanying lesson. It was quite a special day!

Nomzano1 Nomzano3 Nomzano2 Nomzano18 Nomzano4 Nomzano22 Nomzano14 Nomzano5 Nomzano23 Nomzano20 Nomzano11 Nomzano10 Nomzano19 Nomzano9 Nomzano8 Nomzano6 Nomzano13 Nomzano21 Nomzano7 Nomzano24 Nomzano15 Nomzano17 Nomzano12 Nomzano16 Nomzano25

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